Partner with us

Create a partnership with us to maximize your opportunities with .HAUS domain names. Packages are fully customizable and can be directed at a variety of audiences.

Partner with us

Top Level Domains like .HAUS are expected to be one of the fastest growing online markets. Join the international community of associations and companies that understand the promise of this historic opportunity.

Three Types of Partners: Three Sets of Benefits

Trade Associations
Partners at this level are interested in empowering their members with web and email addresses. Custom packages can be created that meet an organization’s specific needs. Contact us to discuss how your group’s needs can be met.

Benefits: Revenue generation opportunities | Member loyalty | Increased brand visibility
Registrars & reseller partners
These partners are focused on the business of selling web addresses. Whether discount or premium, foreign or domestic, domains are their business.

Benefits: Access to a broad, high value TLD portfolio | Ease: One certification process / one bank account / self-serve processes
Value added services (VAS)
These partners provide services that include website hosting, site templates, security packages, and other services to resell with domains. Most times, VAS partners are invisible to end-users, but their products help bring substance and security to a web address.

Benefits: Large & diverse distribution channels | Ideal for upselling | Marketing support